Terms of Service

License grant: Provided that you comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Linguistic Systems BV grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to: Use the executable form of the Euroglot NMT software ordered by you (the “Software”) according to the quantities and terms in your accepted order (the “Order”). If you are executing the Software on your computers, then your Use is limited to loading, installing, and running the Software on your computers for your internal business purposes. Linguistic Systems BV reserves all rights in the Software not expressly granted to you in this Agreement. 

Restrictions. You may not: (a) copy (except in the course of loading or installing) or modify the Software; or (b) transfer, sublicense, lease, lend, rent or otherwise distribute the Software to any third party. Because the Software contains Linguistic Systems BV trade secrets, you agree not to disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the Software or permit or authorize a third party to do so, except to the extent such activities are expressly permitted by law. You will not use the Software for purposes of benchmarking or competitive analysis, or for the development of a competing software product or service. The Software may contain security or license features designed to prevent unauthorized use of the Software. You agree not to remove, disable, or otherwise circumvent such features. If you are hosting the Software, you may be required to provide a license server. Upon at least thirty (30) days prior written notice, Linguistic Systems BV may audit your use of the Software to ensure that you are in compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

Ownership: Linguistic Systems retains ownership of the Euroglot NMT Software, including all intellectual property rights therein. You will not delete or alter any copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights notices or markings appearing on the Software. If you make any suggestions, recommendations or feedback regarding the Software (“Feedback”), Linguistic Systems BV is free to use such Feedback and you assign to Linguistic Systems BV the Feedback and all intellectual property rights therein.

Confidentiality: Continuing until 5 years after the end of your license, each party agrees to keep all information, documents and data, which is marked as or which would reasonably be considered to be confidential (“Confidential Information”) as strictly confidential and to use such information only within the scope of the licenses granted to you. The Software and its pricing are Linguistic Systems BV Confidential Information.

Payment Terms: All licenses are to be paid in advance. The licenses granted in this Agreement are not valid if you do not timely pay the license fees. All prices are excluding any taxes, if applicable. You will be solely responsible for paying any applicable taxes.

Term: The Software licenses granted remain in effect for the term specified in the Order, unless earlier terminated under this Agreement. If this is a Commercial term license, at the end of each term, the Software licenses will automatically renew for an additional term, unless either party provides thirty (30) days prior written notice of non-renewal. The licenses granted under this Agreement will automatically terminate, with or without notice from Linguistic Systems BV, if you breach any term of this Agreement. Upon termination, you must at Linguistic Systems’s option either promptly destroy or return to Linguistic Systems BV all copies of the Euroglot NMT Software in your possession or control. Sections 2-4 and 8-12 will survive any termination of the Agreement.

Maintenance: Commercial term licenses include support in accordance with Linguistic Systems BV’s then-standard maintenance and support terms. You may separately purchase additional maintenance and support services.

Warranty Disclaimer: Linguistic Systems BV does not warrant that the software will meet your requirements, will not operate in the combinations that you desire, will operate error-free or uninterrupted, or that all software errors will be corrected. Linguistic Systems BV expressly disclainms all warranties and conditions, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement, and any warranties and conditions arising out of course of dealdealing or usage of trade