Breaking down language barriers
in a protected environment

With Offline Neural Machine translation

About Euroglot

Linguistic Systems BV has been active in the development of language systems since 1985. Together with various linguistic scientists, native speakers, professional translators and software designers, the first electronic multilingual dictionary is developed based on a unique algorithm that cross-references word concepts. The dictionary content is also available as a RESTful API.

In 2020, Linguistic Systems started research into neural machine translation. In 2021 this will result in the first neural machine translation software in the Netherlands that can work offline in a protected environment.

The mission of Linguistic Systems is to remove language barriers. In this, privacy comes first. We believe that it is important to know what happens to your data and to be able to protect it if necessary. We offer a solution for companies that want to keep their data protected but still want to use the power of neural machine translation.