Why Euroglot NMT Desktop ?

Vertrouwelijkheid gewaarborgd

Euroglot NMT Desktop offline translation software for Windows is offline machine translation software and runs on your local computer. This means that you can be sure of confidentiality. None of your data will be leaked. When you are using a free online translation service your data may be used or leaked since you are sending your data to someone else’s server. From that moment you loose control over your data.

Become more efficient

With Euroglot NMT Desktop offline translation software for windows you can read and write text and translate it to another language. Translate contracts, e-mails, selected text fragments or entire documents. You can do all of this without any character limitations and without switching between applications using the editor. Import and export Word documents and preserve the format of your text

Reduce translation costs

Because you can translate an unlimited amount of characters and you can save on costs for translators, your translation costs will decrease significantly.

Euroglot NMT is available now