Euroglot NMT

Offline Machine Translation Software that keeps your data secure

Euroglot NMT Server is offline translation software that helps companies translate text automatically
within their own protected environment.

How Euroglot NMT adds business value

Sometimes data in documents can be so sensitive that translation with the use of a free machine translation tool on the internet is not an option. When you use a free online translation tool it’s not clear what happens to your data. Euroglot NMT translates text and documents fully offline without compromising on quality.


Minimizes the risk of information dissemination through online translation services.


Improve the efficiency of everyone in the company who works with text in a foreign language.


Integrate into your own business tools or use our web interface


Offline machine translation on your local computer


Offline machine translation in your protected enterprise environment

Who should definitely use offline neural machine translation ?

Host your own neural machine translation server or use our desktop software

Use Euroglot NMT Desktop if you want to run a standlone offline translation program on your local computer. Euroglot NMT can also be used as a translation server with a webbased UI or just use the  RESTful API and integrate into other software.

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Keep sensitive data secure

Euroglot NMT is an on premise application which runs within a company’s secure environment. This allows documents with highly sensitive information to be securely translated without having any connection to the Internet. With Euroglot NMT an unlimited number of characters can be translated at a fixed price per year. 

The cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence

Euroglot NMT uses neural machine translation and machine learning. The software uses the latest technology in this area. Does your company use a lot of specialist terminology? Upon request, we can train special language models to integrate this terminology as well.

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